WHERE’S THE INCENTIVE? Broome or Bali, Port Douglas or Paris?

Cable Beach, Broome

‘Broome loses its lustre as airfares rise.’

So read the headline in the West Australian today. Those of us who love to travel are very aware of the high cost of travelling within Australia. With most of us having to make the most of our hard earned travel dollars we have to be very circumspect when it comes to spending them. Living in Perth it is so much cheaper for us to holiday in Asia than it is to travel within our own state, which is such a shame.

Airfares to the north west, and accommodation once you get there, are generally beyond the grasp of many Perth people, particularly if they are looking at taking the family. The same goes for travelling to other states and the high cost of eating and activities at Australian destinations also needs to be taken into account. With the exchange rate the way it is, I could spend two weeks in Paris in October, airfares included, for almost the same price as two weeks in Cairns. Just seems ridiculous.

As the West Australian explains, Broome alone has seen a 20% drop in visitors and something really needs to be done to reverse that trend. I know from my own perspective that I would love to revisit Broome and Kununurra and to check out Darwin and the Karinjini National Park. Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation are high on my ‘places to see’ list, but I have to be realistic and make the most of my travel dollar. If I should decide to spend that amount of money, hey …. let’s go to Europe.

Just having a little rant here, but, in an effort to encourage travel within my own state of Western Australia, here are a few sights you really should make and effort to see.

Take a flight over the Bungle Bungles

Cruise the Ord River

And take a detour up one of its off shoots

Climb over the rocks in Roebuck Bay

Take a camel ride on Cable Beach at sunset


Look down on the gorges at Kalbarri

Clamber over the rocks at the southern tip of Western Australia, where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean.

Have a walk along Burns Beach, just north of Perth


5 thoughts on “WHERE’S THE INCENTIVE? Broome or Bali, Port Douglas or Paris?

  1. I recently had to cancel a trip to Melbourne because it was going to cost nearly $1500 for flights for 2 – for a lot less than this, we got our return flights to KK. No wonder people don’t travel nationally – such a shame though.

    PS Would love to be back on Broome time!

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