Go Solo: should I, shouldn’t I, should I ….

I am prevaricating, I know that. As I mentioned in a previous post, I can’t decide what to do in the way of travel this year. In reality, I know exactly what I want to do but, as I say, I’m prevaricating.

You may ask why, or you may not really care, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. For a number of years I’ve known where I am going on my next trip. It’s usually been organised in conjunction with a friend or family member and it’s just sort of …. happened. I’ve been to Broome with a friend, Tasmania and Europe with my cousin, Kuching with my daughter and Crete with my daughter and a friend. That’s taken care of the last five years.

As for this year, still don’t know. My sister in law emailed a few days ago and asked me if I had given any thought to a holiday. My reply – I’m always thinking about a holiday! But the question did set me to giving serious thought to the matter, so I made a list. Where do I want to go:

  •  Machu Pichu.
  • A few weeks inParis in October – writing!
  • Bali in early October for their Reader’s & Writer’s festival.
  • Kota Kinabalu.
  • A long weekend inMelbourne.
  • Would love to go toSydney.
  • Cinque Terre walk – next year.

Some how, having the options laid out in front of me made life easier. Well, sort of. Machu Pichu – far too expensive at the moment to do the tour that I want to do, so we’ll put that one on hold. Bali– I was there last year and, although a cheap option, I can’t quite convince myself. Same with Kota Kinabalu – would be nice, but …..  A long weekend in Melbourne– not a problem, I have my daughter I can stay with. Sydney– hmmmm, not sure. Cinque Terre walk – on the books for next year, possibly with my brother.

Now, the observant among you may have noticed that I skipped over one option in that list. Maybe we should ask ourselves why. The answer – because I know that that is what I really want to do. I want to rent an apartment in Paris for a few weeks and spend my time wandering around during the day and writing in the evening. A romantic idea maybe, but one that could happen. So what’s holding me back? Just possibly the fact that I want to do it by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve travelled by myself before quite happily, and if I was to decide to go to England (where I feel comfortable), I wouldn’t have a problem, so why has Paris by myself become such a hurdle?

I’ll think this one through and let you know when I’ve convinced myself to do it. In the meantime, any convincing arguments would be welcome.




14 thoughts on “Go Solo: should I, shouldn’t I, should I ….

  1. Do it! As soon as a I read your list I was voting for writing in Paris. I stayed alone in an apartment in Montorgueil for a week and felt so incredibly inspired to write! I cafe hopped and sipped coffee whilst tapping away on my laptop. I do speak French quite well and have spent a lot of time in France, so that perhaps helps me be very comfortable amongst French culture. But even if you haven’t had the same experience previously it’ll be incredible. And I strongly recommend le Marais area to stay, though I admit everyone’s taste will vary. I found it perfect for creative inspiration. All the best with your decision, I know what I’d do!!

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the like on my last posts. Hope you get to Paris if that is what you really want to do. If you cross the Channel, do come and visit us. It will be nice to put a real person to a name. By the way, have you thought of visiting Sweden? Great for a quiet and picturesque kind of writing break.

  3. My heart belongs to Italy, so if I had to choose for myself, I’d say Cinque Terre. But it looks like your heart is in Paris – so there’s your answer! 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Thanks for liking my blog post. Judging from the photo of the Arc de Triumph, you did the trip, good for you. Paris is marvelous (but expensive), so is Venice, but I never was in Rome; Venice is smallish and wonderful, quaint., beautiful art museums. Happy travels.

  5. I loved reading your thoughts and your final
    option is one after my own heart. You have answered your own question it seems.

    I took a leave last spring from my job to go to Italy by myself for 3 months and I can tell you that it was a life changing experience! I am currently in the process of writing a book about it in fact! Thank you for stopping by my blog too!

  6. [!!] I love Paris- I lived there for a month a few summers ago, and I’m dying to go back. I was doing a study abroad program, but some of my favorite moments were when I was wandering around by myself. It’s such a beautiful city- it wont dissapoint! Let me know if you go- I love being a travel agent for my favorite locales 🙂

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