Will I really need the little black dress?

Does anyone else over think when it comes to packing? I’m flying from Perth to Melbourne for five days and it takes me twice that time to decide what to pack!! And if you think that’s bad, imagine what happened when I went to Europe for four weeks.

I’m not one of those people who can throw a few things into a bag at the last minute and take off for a long weekend. Lots of planning has to go into it. I need to make sure I’ve got the right clothes whatever may come up. I’m the type that would take a sexy, black, cocktail dress and high heels on a hiking holiday in South America, because ….. you never know, I might just need them.

Those little pink pigs might be seen silhouetted against that elusive Blue Moon and, as all of us single women well know, this could just possibly herald the appearance of that eligible guy hell bent on inviting us out to dinner. Either that or I could decide to take myself out to a swish restaurant and have dinner for one.

Now, just as I’m a list person, I’m also a pile person when it comes to packing. So – I have a pile of trousers, a pile of tops (long sleeved and short sleeved, just in case), a pile of underwear, dresses, assorted accessories, shoes and so on, all laid out on the spare bed. And I’m umming and aaghing (if that’s how you spell it), I’m not convinced I’ve got all that I’ll need. What if …..

Maybe I should try a different type of piling system. Maybe by outfit. I’d probably have to do this using a list though because the same top may be required in several outfits. Too hard – stick to the piles I’ve got.

Packing is simply the worst part of travelling, and why, oh why, do we insist on taking that one article of clothing that we haven’t worn for twelve months but are convinced that we are going to need while we’re away?

Wish me luck and just hope that I’ve got everything I’ll need because, well, let’s face it, if I haven’t I’ll just have to go shopping in Melbourne.

11 thoughts on “Will I really need the little black dress?

  1. I know exactly how you feel! Packing is so difficult, because you have to take into account weather, and want to bring many options depending on your mood. Good luck and have a fun time in Melbourne! I want to explore there sometime 🙂

  2. Keep in mind your daughter has a wardrobe full of clothes that I’m sure you are more than welcome to borrow.

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