A Whole Heap of Steps and a Wandering Mind.

Ok, my boots and I have got past first base. We took our first walk together last weekend and we certainly bonded. We didn’t rub each other up the wrong way and we came back feeling very smug with ourselves, no one else we saw were half as compatible. We’ve decided we suit each other quite nicely and will enjoy our time together.

We’ve also discovered a couple of added bonuses to the training that we’re doing, at least I have.

You’ll remember that I’ve mentioned the coastal path that I take my walks on (well you will if you’ve been taking any notice of what I’ve been writing lately) anyway, I’ve found a better training track. This one is only a few minutes from home and I cannot believe that I’ve lived here for 7 years and haven’t found it before now. It’s an area of open bushland with a walking trail around and through it and the best bit, as far as I’m concerned, is that it has two sets of steps.

Going down – that’s the easy part.

There are over 120 steps that I need to go down and then back up. The first time I tried it I needed to stop twice on the way up, to catch my breath and explain to my thighs that they really will get to enjoy this and it’s doing them good. They didn’t seem convinced and in protest continued to complain for some minutes. The intention, though, is to get further each time before the complaining begins and eventually be able to go up and down a couple of times without needing to stop.

What goes down must go back up – including me!

The beauty of this discovery is that now I don’t have to get in the car and drive before I can walk, now I just step outside my front door and within a few minutes I’m surrounded by the peace and quiet of this wonderful bushland.

The second bonus is that all of this walking in such a serene and peaceful environment, with only the occasional dog and his walker as a distraction, allows the mind to wander. The stress of the working week gradually trickles away and my mind is able to let go and enjoy the freedom.

So my decision to go on this trek is already paying dividends, who knows what inspiration will flow from that released mind.

24 thoughts on “A Whole Heap of Steps and a Wandering Mind.

  1. uhhmmm a good 120 steps, i’d be catching breath too, heheh… well that’s a good discovery, i’d be happy if i were also to discover something like this around my area. love your blog btw. πŸ˜€

  2. Okay Pam so I am both happy and majorly envious. In the travel department mostly. I am happy you found me so I can follow you. Thank You for coming to my blog site. I will enjoy following you, I think, very much! πŸ™‚

  3. Loved the picture of the steps – I would say that you should go up hundreds of steps every day in preparation for the trek. Because the steps in Nepal will shock you. Nothing can get you ready for hours of uphill with a lack of oxygen….so best to practice now! Thanks for the good story!

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