Is it REALLY that HIGH?

Just thought I’d reblog this post from Elytoeverest – it really puts things in perspective. Keith and Tim have also set themselves a challenge. They’re going higher than I am, to base camp in fact. I’ll be reaching about half way between Lukla airport and base camp so it would appear I’ll be at least three times as high as the summit of Ben Nevis while Mt Kosciuszko, the highest peak on mainland Australia is 2228m, 600m lower than the airport at Lukla.

Pop on over and check out Keith and Tim’s preparations, they’re raising money for a couple of very good causes – and getting themselves fit at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Is it REALLY that HIGH?

  1. Hey, good luck with it. I’ll look forward to reading of your updates, and be careful, its addictive!! When are you leaving?? I’m doing some climbing in Nepal next year, and hopefully Tibet the year after…

  2. I’m already feeling the addiction just looking through all the gear shops. I’ll be there for the 60th anniversary of Edmund Hillary’s ascent on 29th May. Have a look at my post Abandoning my comfort Zone – it’ll explain my reasons. 🙂

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