Because I’m a Girl

Thursday 11th October 2012, is the first ever United Nations International Day of the Girl.

The ‘Because I’m a Girl’ campaign run by Plan, one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world, has been instrumental in the United Nations establishing this day in order to highlight the need to make girls’ education a priority.

In many parts of the world society places a much lower priority on the education of girls than it does on the education of boys. Through poverty and gender discrimination many girls are denied the basic education that we take for granted.

The reality is though that through poverty, violence and discrimination, one in three girls is denied the education she’s entitled to.

Make this day a celebration, appreciate your daughters and the opportunities they have in life and spare a little time to acknowledge those girls who don’t have the chance to make choices in life. If you feel inclined visit Plan’s website and see how you can get involved.

The link I have provided here will take you to Plan Australia, however, you can also google Plan UK or Plan USA.

11 thoughts on “Because I’m a Girl

      • Even more opportunities than we had at that age, but I think we were lucky to be among the first wave of women to break out of the mould of marriage, children and the only acceptable jobs while waiting for a husband was nursing, secretary,shop assistant or factory worker.

      • You are so right. When I posted on my blog recently about the state of women’s rights worlwide today, I received ONE comment, whereas blogs on writing etc are always well received. Don’t people care? Are we so fortunate here that we shut our eyes to the rest of the world.

  1. To be honest Kate I think Australia is a very insular country. In general, we see only what immediately surrounds us and are concerned only about what affects us. Sad state of affairs but one we should work to change. Just my little rant for the day.

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