Top Ten Tuesday -10 Cakey Delights (aka – cafes with yummy cakes!) (1)

This Top 10 comes with photos – it just has to, self explanatory really. It’s my mission, as I see it, on holidays to research cafes, as a public service for those who don’t have the time. You can go to any one of these places and be assured of a cakey delight every time.

As I’m planning & writing this post it’s threatening to become far too long, as I enthuse over the cafes and cakes on offer and the photos necessary to prove the point and make you drool. So, I’m splitting it in to 2 parts – part one today, part two for you to look forward to next Tuesday. I mean, you shouldn’t have too much cake in one week, should you?

So, in no particular order – except maybe the first one, here’s my recommendations.

1. Station House Tea Rooms, Holmsley, UK – This is in the beautiful New Forest in the south of England and is my absolute #1 place for scones – in the world! A big statement I know but you cannot go past them. They are baked on site, they are huge and the strawberry jam and clotted cream that comes with them cannot be bettered.

2. Poppi Red, Hawkeshead, UK – a beautiful shop in the Lake District that combines gift shopping with a small cafe. The cakes, including a scrumptious Victoria Sponge, are all home-made and in the summer you can enjoy a Pimms with strawberries while seated at the pretty wrought iron tables and chairs on the outdoor patio.

Poppi Red’s cakey delights

3. Corfe Castle Tea Rooms, UK– nestled below the ruins of the 11th century castle built by William the Conqueror, the National Trust’s 18th century tea rooms have an awe inspiring view from their gardens. It’s a busy place, very busy in the summer, but the staff remain unflustered and the scones are yummy.

4. Soda Sun Lounge, North Beach, Western Australia – A local favourite of mine and I do believe I’ve mentioned it before. It’s the first place I had churros and now I’m hooked. They come with hot chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice-cream. Yuuuum! The view over the Indian Ocean is excellent too.

5. Hopetoun Tearooms, the Block Arcade, Melbourne – Established in 1891 these tea rooms are a Melbourne must. I had them planned in to my itinerary when I visited Melbourne earlier this year. But, as I stood outside gazing at the amazing array of sweet things temptingly displayed in their window, my mind went into cakey overload.

Decisions, decisions. The service here was absolutely impeccable. This is what I finally opted for.

6. The Convent, Daylsford, Victoria – the mist was hanging low and the temperature somewhere around ‘damn cold’ when I visited this renovated 19th century Convent earlier this year, but what a place. The café is just part of this lovingly restored building that includes a gallery, accommodation, function venue and much more. We were there for lunch but did manage to sneak in some dessert.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday -10 Cakey Delights (aka – cafes with yummy cakes!) (1)

  1. A friend of mine has become obsessed with clotted cream after a couple of visits to the UK – do you know anywhere that sells it over here?

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