Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Cakey Delights Pt. 2

As promised, for Top 10 Tuesday, here’s Part 2 of my idea of cakey heaven. If you missed Part 1 last week then pop back and have a look. This week’s choices start close to home and move further away as we go down the list.

7. Margaret River Chocolate Company – with two venues, the original near Margaret River in the south west of Western Australia and a replica in the Swan Valley, just outside Perth, they do the most divine and chocolaty chocolate brownies you could imagine. They come with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  There’s an absolute abundance of other sweet treats too. This one’s too close to home, my willpower tends to cave in to this place.

A tempting array at the Margaret River Chocolate Company

8. The Bridge Restaurant, Ubud – I’ve mentioned this place before. The staff, the service, the food – all were impeccable when I visited this beautifully situated terraced restaurant on the banks of the river in Ubud. Spend some time here in this relaxing spot, it’s the ideal place if you’re alone just to sit and contemplate. This delightful concoction does come off their dessert menu but I’m sure you could get it any time of day – they’re obliging like that.

So delicate.

9. Agios Nikolaos, Crete – The seating area for this café was across the road from the café itself. Yes, ACROSS THE ROAD. Half of the fun was watching the waiters skillfully dodge the cars and scooters, plates in hand, as they delivered the food to us. The blue of the sky was reflected in the harbor while the luxury yachts jostled against fishing boats and I indulged in a creamy, ice-creamy, chocolaty, banana split – heaven.

Heaven by the harbour.

Told you he had to cross the road!

And there’s the view!


10. Rome – We were staying only paces from the Trevi Fountain , the most amazing position for a holiday apartment. This meant that we only had to step outside our front door and we had our pick of places to eat. This place was about ten metres to our left. So much Tiramisu …..

Up at the crack of dawn for a photo without the crowds.

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