Up Up and Away!

airplaneFun1-380x285Sitting in the departure lounge yesterday waiting for our flight from Melbourne to Perth we were contemplating the odds of having one of the numerous children on the flight sitting close to us.

The little girl checking out the airport acoustics with her high pitched squeal, the baby who decided this was not a time for sleep but one of those moments when, for no apparent reason, he would prefer to grizzle instead or the toddler with an inability to stay in one place for more than three seconds at a time.

Once on the plane and settled in our seats we looked around and, sure enough, there was a young boy seated close by. His parents had obviously done a good job prepping him for the flight though and he understood about the need to be buckled in to his seat and the reason for the safety instructions.

But, when he came out with ‘have we blasted off yet?’ I did have to wonder where he thought we were going.

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