Just Do It – So I Did!


How often do you travel on an impulse? Can you do that or, like me, are you usually a planner?

I tend to plan well ahead. European holidays can be a couple of years in the making, usually because I need to save plenty of money. My trip next May to Nepal was booked eleven months before the event, but it’s given me time to get my body and mind into trekking mode and get the necessary gear together.

As I say, I don’t generally do things impulsively – until a couple of weeks ago that is.

My daughter’s birthday is in mid December and I decided to turn up in Melbourne unannounced and surprise her. Not only that but I decided to take my eighty five year old dad with me. Sometimes you just have to do these things.

For the last five years since she moved to the other side of Australia with her daughter, Nikki has flown back to Perth for Christmas and every year she tells her grandfather that he should go visit them in Melbourne. Up till now he hadn’t.

I wondered if I was being a bit silly, to fly to Melbourne in the middle of December knowing that they would be in Perth for Christmas only a week after we returned, so I phoned dad and ran it by him. I’d barely got the idea out of my mouth before he was saying a very emphatic yes I’ll come.

So, with Melbourne weather doing what it does best – being contrary (35 degrees one day, raining and 22 degrees the next day), we spent a lovely few days in the city in Christmas mode.

Needless to say, daughter and granddaughter were suitably surprised and we had a brilliant weekend with them.

To start the day:

A remarkably festive looking breakfast yoghurt!

A remarkably festive looking breakfast yoghurt!

Wonderful interior of the Rendezvous Hotel

Wonderful interior of the Rendezvous Hotel

Then a walk around the city to take in the Christmas decorations. The arcades all looked wonderfully festive.



You can’t go past the street art in the laneways of Melbourne.


And I did mention rain, didn’t I?


A Christmas Poinsettia.


And to finish the day 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd just because I can, I’m including this favourite photo of dad from the trip.


10 thoughts on “Just Do It – So I Did!

  1. I do both kinds of travel, the long planned and spur of the moment. Both are great in their own way. Looks like you had a wonderful time. What a great gift to give your daughter and your dad.

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