Heading into the Ss – Travels from Sixty to Seventy!

I don’t like to say it out loud but really, I have to face it – I’ll be turning 60 in the middle of this year. I know, I can here you all screaming ‘no way, she can’t possibly be nearly 60, she only looks 59.’ But, it’s true, that big number is creeping up on me.

It takes some getting used to because I actually feel younger now than I did twenty years ago, strange but true, and more motivated too. So, to soften the blow and in an attempt to find the positives here, I’ve compiled a little list for myself.

It’s a list of the adventures I’d like to have in the next ten years, between sixty and seventy.

Notice what I’m doing here? If I say the number enough times I’m figuring I may just forget that it’s any different to any other number that I’ve come upon, say 30 or 40 or 50.

Anyway, in no particular order, this is where I’m thinking I’d like to go. Some are more achievable than others but you have to dream big.

vEverest 60th anniversary trek – May 2013


vCinque Terre

vHouse swap – Canada!!

vParis – live in an apartment for a few weeks and do the Australian Writers’ Centre Memoir course held there each Autumn

vPeru – Hike the Inca Trail and explore the ruins of Machu Pichu

vCoast to Coast walk – UK

vMilford Sound – New Zealand

vAntarctic Cruise

vCappodocia – Turkey

v Istanbul

What do you think? Where will you be going in the next ten years?

19 thoughts on “Heading into the Ss – Travels from Sixty to Seventy!

  1. I love that you’ve put a goal time on your list. My top 100 travel wishes are just random dreams with no real set goals to make them a reality…well not all of them at this point!! Your list is achievable! Go for it!!

  2. Let’s keep this entirely confidential but I (Blonde) turn 60 in May of this year. I don’t have my goals as defined as you do but starting my blog last year was among the things I wanted to try and enjoy immensely. I like your list although am horrified that you omitted Boston where you can always have a place to stay! I’ve been to 6 of the places you’ve mentioned and Cappadocia and Cinque Terre are real goodies so don’t miss them! Keep us posted!

    • Don’t worry I won’t tell a soul, 1953 was a good year, wasn’t it 🙂 Sincere apologies, it was obviously a huge and unforgivable ommission to leave out Boston and I will certainly endeavour to fit it in there somewhere. If you hear a knock at the door it may be me.

    • Surely you could lash out and make it Skegness!! Venice sounds like an excellent idea, it’s over 30 years since I was there, I really enjoyed the place but don’t think I really appreciated what I was seeing (we did have 2 young daughters along for the ride). I’d love to go back there again with different eyes and attitude.

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