My Week That Was!

The last week certainly had its ups and downs – literally.

I hiked 35kms with my pack on, put a 3cm gash in my head that required 3 stitches and had a diagnosis of optical hypertension – beat that.

The early morning sun appears over the hills.

The early morning sun appears over the hills.

The hiking was a real high, 3 afternoons in a row after work I did a 9.5km hike with my pack on and then on the weekend a 6.2km hike that involved some quite steep inclines. It’s all about endurance. On one of the afternoons half of the 9.5kms involved the steps, going up them 10 times with the pack on, that was hard, but I keep chanting to myself – train hard, fight easy. Put in the hard work now and it will pay off later.

I was really pleased about the way I felt after those 3 days in a row – yes, it was tiring but I felt I coped well and am getting used to walking longer distances with the pack on. The altitude will be another matter though and there’s really nothing I can do to train for that.

The gash to the head could definitely be considered the low point of the week.  I slipped on something that had dripped onto the kitchen floor, my legs went from under me, I landed on my backside and my head flipped back and ricocheted off the corner of the wall. I sat there for a while with my hand on my head thinking gosh (or words to that effect) I’m going to have a serious bump there. It was when I took my hand away and found it covered in blood that I realized it was more than a bump.

Trip to the Emergency Department, 3 stitches, one sore head and 2 days off work.

The trip to the Opthamologist – I think I’ll consider that a positive seeing as it started out as a definite negative. On a recent visit to the optician he picked up that the pressure in my eyes was higher than it should be – a sure sign of Glaucoma – and referred me on to the Opthamologist. With a family history of Glaucoma it was highly likely that’s where I was headed. Damn!

The good news – it’s not Glaucoma, yet, but optical hypertension. Yes, the pressure is up slightly but there is no damage to the nerve and my peripheral vision is still fine. Just need to have regular checks at this point to keep an eye on things (pun really not intended).

Anyway, the point of all this is that with less than seven weeks to go before the trek I’m very mindful of how things can happen unexpectedly and interrupt plans. Natasha from Tiny Indian Girl Up a Mountain was supposed to be trekking to Base Camp as we speak but when last heard from she hadn’t even left the UK. She did get to the airport at Belfast on time but the horrendous weather that they have been experiencing meant that the airport was snowed in and flights cancelled. She went back home. She finally made it to Heathrow about 3 days late and hopefully she’s now winging her way towards Kathmandu.

After months of planning and training, to have plans disrupted like this, I can only imagine the feeling – I certainly don’t want to experience it.

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16 thoughts on “My Week That Was!

  1. I love a good pun so I got a kick outta your unintended one!

    This is a good post to remind us all to live in the moment. All the planning in the world will not prepare you for unexpected hiccups that jar all of us from time to time.

    7 weeks to go…wow, what a trip that will be for you!!! Looking forward to reading all about it.

  2. Bumps in the road, Pam, that’s what all this is. And less than seven weeks to go…. Ay Dios Mio…. already? I’m nervous for you – I can not imagine how YOU are feeling! And perhaps I should clarify…Nervous BUT excited at the same time!

  3. Not all positive, best getting hiccups out the way. Only 7 weeks left how time has flown by, after doing that trek in Oct all I can say is ” Wish it was me”.
    You are training well and you cant prepare for the altidude, carry on what you are doing 🙂

  4. What a week! Hope you have recovered.
    Yes the UK weather has been dreadful – we are looking forward to a holiday in the sun in a few weeks time.
    With regard to your eye condition Mark says I must tell you that you are in good company – he has had Ocular Hypertension for many years and like you he is relieved that it has not progressed to Glaucoma. He has eye drops twice a day and regular check ups.
    Enjoying your regular updates – its going to be very exciting!
    Viv xx

    • I’m thinking I’m going to encounter a lot of steps on the way up to Base Camp so might as well get used to them now. The head’s healed nicely, thanks – stitches out and soreness gone 🙂

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