The Trainings Done!

FlagMountainThe training’s done, if I’m not fit enough now I never will be.

The next hill I climb will be 7,353 kms away in the Himalayan mountain range.


When I booked the trip last June it all seemed so far away, it was easy to talk about the preparations I’d need to do, the training, buying the gear and making sure I was organized with injections and paperwork etc. The trek was almost a year away.

Now, the trek is 14 days away. I can’t get any fitter than I am, this is it, if I haven’t done enough training it’s too late to worry about it. I’ve bought all the gear and the incidentals, if I’ve forgotten anything, too bad. What will be, will be.

Now for the next hurdle – packing!

16 thoughts on “The Trainings Done!

  1. Thank you, I’m sure this is going to be one of those holidays that will resonate for years to come. And thanks for the Nepali language lesson, I must remember that … bestari, bestari 🙂

  2. It’s here! The time has arrived! Wow, it seems like just yesterday I started following your journey. I am SO excited for you & I can not wait to read all about your awesome adventure! GOOD LUCK, Pam!!!

  3. Hey Pam… this is Richard from Richardingaround… I’m heading over to the Everest Region to start the ECB trek myself (I land in Lukla on Saturday). If you have any questions about my experience in Annapurna give me a holler… and maybe I’ll see you somewhere on the trail.

    • Hi Richard – I don’t get to Kathmandu till Moday then fly to Lukla on Friday – I think you’ll be coming down as I go up but you never know ….. maybe I should wear a red rose or carry a newspaper so that you recognise me 🙂

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