Answer Me This ……

Do you find that getting away from real life for a while, even for just a few days, does you good, do you come back energised and full of enthusiasm? Or does it leave you feeling a bit flat, not sure what to do next? Are we simply masking symptoms with a temporary change of scenery?

And while you ponder that deep and meaningful, here’s some photos from my recent couple of weekends away in Mandurah.

The early morning sun hits Dolphin Quay

The early morning sun hits Dolphin Quay






14 thoughts on “Answer Me This ……

  1. The minute I get back from a holiday, I want to plan another. I think it’s a lot to do with the anticipation- there’s nothing better than having a break scheduled in your calendar!

  2. Those are very good questions! I come back wanting to make a change in life, because I realise how much more I can do outside the daily routine. But this doesn’t quite equate to enthusiasm; rather, it helps to clear the mind and recalibrate to pursue what really matters.

  3. Great question! How were you upon returning this trip? If I can focus and get excited about something at home, then that’s OK. But it doesn’t take long to wish for the next holiday escape 😛 x

  4. Do not know the answer to that but someone last week said ‘What will you do next?’ I didn’t even really understand the question but I have an answer …probably The Coast to Coast trek across England!! (Whatever happens in Nepal) Wonderful photos bytheway, so much detail. Great skill + you must have a great camera!

  5. The Coast to Coast is definitely on my ‘to do’ list, pity it’s so far away for me, but I will do it one day 🙂 Once you’ve started this trekking lark you just know you have to keep doing it.

    I’m gradually getting better with the photography, I’m very much more aware of what I’m photographing now and how the light affects them.

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