Redundancy Day – Moving On.


Today was the day that has been coming for the last 5 weeks, my last day in gainful employment, until I find another job that is.

So …. what to do next?


  1. Eke out a meagre living on my savings while sulking and watching daytime television.
  2. Write dozens of applications for jobs that I don’t really want simply because that’s what’s expected.
  3. Do something different and challenging.
  4. Make a plan and move on.

I’m thinking that 1 and 2 would be the easy way out while 3 and 4 are the way to go.

Now to keep up the momentum and work out a plan – suggestions welcome.

27 thoughts on “Redundancy Day – Moving On.

  1. For a transition like this, from one who’s been there, can I suggest 2 things? First take a break. Even if you think you’ve adjusted or it’s welcome, it can be seriously weird. Second maintain control of the stuff you can control- keep to a schedule of some sorts. It helps.

    • Thanks Jo – good advice. Do I still have to get up at 6.00am every day? But I am planning on a couple of visits this week to people I haven’t seen for a while, doing things I haven’t had the opportunity to do in a while and hopefully it’ll do me some good and make the way forward clearer.

      P.S. Received the beads today, again perfect timing, they’re gorgeous and I’ll get a comment onto Lifestyle fifty this weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear of your redundancy, but hang onto that old saying when one door closes another opens. I’ve found that over my 71 years. Looking back the changes have always worked out for the best. Good luck

  3. Just a suggestion…suppose, just suppose for a moment that after a good night’s sleep you awake to find yourself feeling happy, living a fulfilled life. What does this life look like to you? Describe in detail the image that presents itself in your mind’s eye. How do you look? Who else is there with you? What are you doing?
    Alternatively, create an image board that represents you living a fulfilled and happy life. Then work out what you need to realize this image. A plan comprising of S.M.A.R.T goals are one way to help you realize this image. (S = specific, M = measurable, A = attainable, R = realistic, and T = time-bound).
    Finally, keep the faith. You have value.

    • Wow – you’ve got it in a nutshell. I’ve come across the S.M.A.R.T acronym before but only in business. I’ve never thought of associating it with life before, but it works. You’ve really got me thinking. Thank you.

  4. Pam, isn’t it obvious? You go on another hike!!! Everest base camp was so may 2013, go on admit it there must be another hike you’ve been thinking about doing 🙂

  5. Laid off for 6 months 3 years ago… I did #2. Not a lot of fun, and I squandered a chance to have a lot of ver good rides. Apply for jobs that you wold want, eke as long as you can, and find tha adventure that is waiting for you!

    Good luck lady!

  6. Sorry to hear this Pam. Mark has been made redundant (again!) but is fortunate to have me (haha)! . He is a ‘kept man’ and has stopped looking for work. We are both living on my Teachers Pension and are happy dog walking, pottering in the garden, looking after ‘every man and his dog’, seeing friends and planning the occasional holiday (wish we could travel more…….). We are certainly never bored and when you are not at work you do not feel the need to spend much money at all. Mark is certainly healthier and happier and I don’t know how I ever had time to work at all! Love Viv & Mark xx

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