Everest Base Camp Trek – Why?

Have you ever had one of those ‘wow’ moments? You know the ones, where you suddenly go ‘yes! This is me, this is what I should be doing.’ Not the run of the mill ‘this would be a good idea’ type moment or even the ‘this would be a great idea’ type moment, but the ‘wow, I have to do this’ type moment, even if it means stepping way outside your comfort zone. Well, it happened recently and consequently my travel plans have taken an interesting twist.

Now, I had been deliberating for some time on my next destination. There have been a few options but I really haven’t been able to settle on anything, which is unusual for me, I generally get by planning my next holiday. Obviously there was a reason which, as I say, became abundantly clear when I was browsing the internet one evening and came upon the website for World Expeditions, delving a little further this is what I found:

So, guess who’s going trekking in the Himalayas next May? Now, I need to put this in perspective and explain why it jumped out at me. Well, 1953 was rather an eventful year, it saw not only the ascent of this great mountain in May but also the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II a few days later in early June and, most importantly to complete the hat trick, I was born in the July. So it was a triple whammy and I can’t think of a better way to prove to myself in my 60th year, that I can step outside my comfort zone, push my boundaries and step lightly in at least some of Hillary’s footsteps.

Initially, I booked the short trek, the easiest of five treks that will meet up in the grounds of the Thyangboche Monastery, nearly 4000 m above sea level, on 29th May 2013 for a special celebratory evening within sight of Everest.

But, after speaking to people who had done some of these treks and finding that my training was going better than expected, I have decided to take the plunge and head for Base Camp.

This is something that I have never even thought about doing before, I have a long ‘to do’ list as far as travel destinations are concerned and this has never been on it, let alone anywhere near the top. Paris (again), Italy (again), New Zealand, even Turkey and Machu Pichu, they’re all there, but Nepal? The Himalayas?

But hey, I’ve booked, the deposit’s paid, the training is well under way.

Stay with me, it could get interesting.

11 thoughts on “Everest Base Camp Trek – Why?

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  2. While I’d be lying if I said you’ll enjoy “every” moment, as it’s hard going, but you’ll love it. A bucket list item I got to tick off in 2011, I think it’ll be amazing to accomplish this during the 60th anniversary year. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am excited for you! Going on a trek, and to the Everest base camp! I admire you as I will probably never have the courage to do that. Who knows, maybe our paths cross in Nepal this June…

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