What Did Today Mean To You?

Today marks exactly 3 months out from my departure for Kathmandu and the start of my Everest Base Camp adventure.

Today I began my course of injections to make sure that my body doesn’t fall victim to any of those little bugs that attempt to infest our insides when we move away from our own little corner of the world.

Today my arm hurt.

Today another girl child in Nepal married because that’s what was expected of her.

Today her life was changed – for the worse.

Sabita and her son

Sabita and her son

Sabita, aged 16, has an eight-month-old baby boy. She was married in 2010, when she was 14.

Sabita said, “When I was 14, my family started talking about my marriage which I couldn’t deny as this is the tradition in our village, it was a kind of pressure.

“We are poor. My mother and my brother used to work as labourers. I had to drop out from school when I was in grade two. During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t feeling well. I vomited and couldn’t eat anything except milk. Now, my baby boy isn’t very healthy. I realise my life has been negatively changed after getting married at early age.”

As a grandmother I am enormously grateful that my grandaughters will have the choice to be who they choose to be and will not be forced into a life that will inhibit their creativity and stifle their drive and their determination to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life.

The fact that I have the ability and the freedom to visit a country where girls as young as twelve are forced into marriage and motherhood well before they are ready startles me at times. The lives that we lead are so far removed from those who live only a plane ride away.

Help me to help these girls by donating to the Because I’m a Girl Campaign as I trek to Everest Base Camp in May. Make my efforts worthwhile. Please.

Just visit my donate page at Plan International and pledge your support – you’ll be helping these girls to help themselves.