What if ………..

It was rather confronting for me today to be faced with pictures of the plane that crashed shortly after take off from Kathmandu airport on its way to Lukla, bursting into flames and killing all on board.

Its passengers were people just like me and just like those who will be joining me on my trek next year. I feel deeply for the families of those people who, like all of us who love to travel, were following their dream.

But it begs the question, should we let ‘what if’s’ deter us from travelling? I don’t. This plane crash is a tragedy and has made news world wide, made all the more devastating through the suddenness of the accident and the visually explicit vision we are seeing.

But does a pile up on a motorway stop us from renting a car and travelling that same route on our holidays a few weeks later? Does a train crash in a major European city stop us from taking that same train ride when we’re there? Generally not.

In life generally, the ‘what if’s’ don’t stop us, if they did we would struggle to step outside our front door, let alone get in a car.

An on-line friend Gail Cooper and her husband leave London this weekend en route to Kathmandu. On Wednesday they will take that same flight in which those people lost their lives today, heading for Lukla, the starting point of their trek to Everest Base Camp.

This disaster hasn’t stopped them but no doubt today’s events will be uppermost in their minds as their plane taxis down the runway.

My thoughts are with the families of those whose lives have been lost in pursuit of their dreams and to the Nepalese people who put their own lives at risk every day to help us fulfil those dreams.