Mass Motivation

If you want to get motivated – to do anything – join a group of like minded people. Individually we struggle to motivate ourselves, to exercise, to lose weight, to train for an event or to write a book. Did you notice the last one WRITE A BOOK. Get a group together though and we become a mass of motivation, we cheer each other on and we congratulate each other on all our little achievements. It just seems so much easier.

So it is with NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. It’s November and probably half of the writer’s in the world are at this moment putting pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, in their efforts to write their 50,000 word novel in the space of 30 days. It doesn’t matter what it turns out like, the point is to churn out the words. You can edit later.

NaNoWriMo began in San Francisco in 1999 with 21 participants encouraging each other to complete a novel in one month. Six succeeded. Last year there were over 250,000 participants around the world with almost 37,000 of them completing their 50,000 word novels in the month of November.

There are very few rules, if you consider it a novel, so do they. It’s not really too late to check it out and check in, here, you’ve only lost two days (and if you’re in the northern hemisphere it’s only one day really), and you’re smart enough to catch up.

Me? Oh, you expect me to have signed up. Well, maybe next year. This year I’m sort of unofficially doing it, I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a further 20,000 words of my memoir. I’ll let you know how I go.

Have you signed up for NaNoWriMo? How are you going at this early stage?