They’re out there somewhere!

Don’t be fooled – I didn’t take this photo

Exhilarating is what I called it. Most of the other sixty people on that boat thought otherwise.

My grandson’s 13th birthday fell at the beginning of September, I told him that I’d take him and a friend whale watching but that we’d leave it till mid October so that the weather would be better – wroooong!

Last Sunday was probably the worst day weatherwise that we’d had for several weeks – the previous weekend had been sunny, this weekend is gorgeous, but the day I chose – cold, wet and windy.

Nevertheless we set off with an air of optimism, it wouldn’t be too bad, the weather would improve as the morning wore on – wroooong again!

The ocean was rough to say the least, the boat seemed almost vertical at times and it wasn’t long before the laughter that could be heard as we left the shelter of the harbour disappeared and a few green looking faces took its place.

When a boat goes up a boat must come down!

The crew had, very wisely, pointed out where the large pile of sick bags were and had made it very clear that if you were feeling ill you should not go into the cabin area or the toilets. They knew what was coming. Needless to say that the pile of sick bags had diminished somewhat by the time we returned.

But what of the whales? Well, I saw some. Apparently not doing what they normally do, one of the crew explained. In the bad weather they normally do a lot of breaching (for the uninitiated that means jumping high out of the water), but not today, they simply rolled slowly over a wave and disappeared. Can’t say I blame them and just another indication that the day wasn’t exactly going according to plan.

For most of the trip the clear blinds were down on the sides of the boat but when the whales were spotted the crew rolled one side up. Those of us still capable of negotiating the rocking and rolling of the boat and staggering over to that side without landing in someone’s lap actually did get to see about half a dozen whales during that three hour trip. We also got rather wet.

Really, it is a whale – compared to the top picture, not quite what we were expecting 😦

Not that impressive really and the only photo I managed shows a very blurry blob that, if you squint, could be a whale.

I did get a nice picture of a high speed ferry going past though.