Pictures of Purple

There was such a huge response ( well, in my little blogging world anyway) to my recent post, The Bride Wore Purple, that the bride and groom have very kindly agreed to me showing you the photos. So, for the visual version of that post take a look below.

A beautiful bride and her equally beautiful bridesmaids pre wedding

I hope the observant among you have, by now, noticed her shoes.

The bridal party – amazing photo!

The venue – The East End Bar, Fremantle

Now that’s a wedding cake.

Hmmmm ….

Those cupcakes were divine – thanks Shannon.

Designs created by the bride

I hope you all agree with me that this was an amazing wedding. A huge thank you to Angela & Jason for allowing me to post these photos and to Warped Photography ( ) for providing the first three.

I have a feeling these guys will never let life be boring.