Weather Extremes

I dedicate this post to my online friends in the northern hemisphere who are currently in the grip of severely inclement weather, mainly in the form of snow, not just ordinary snow flurries but the heavy falls that manage to make international news.

As I sit in airconditioned comfort in my lounge room, with the weather gods threatening temperatures over 40 degrees celsius here for the next 3 days, I watch as the news bulletin broadcasts scenes of snow lashed Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, Blonde from BlondeBrunetteTravel bemoans the grim weather in her hometown of Boston on Facebook. The airport is closed and the news readers tell us that the authorities are threatening prosecution to anyone who ignores the severe weather warnings and ventures where they shouldn’t.

Here in Perth we just cook if we step outside.

Talk about extremes!

Boston snow


Is there anywhere in the world that is just right at the moment?

(The snow photo is courtesy of BlondeBrunetteTravel – please pop over and check out the antics of these sisters, trust me – it’s well worth a look see)